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New in the picture

Na twee jaar kluizenaarschap en schrijven aan een nieuw boek en Masterclass voor Leiders, kom ik nieuw in beeld. Ook met deze vernieuwde website. Hier vind je snel de nieuwe diensten die je zoekt om jou, je team of organisatie verder te brengen. Maar ook tref je hier snel zaken aan die jouw persoonlijk, professioneel […]
Martin Thoolen - Awareness at Work
Martin Thoolen | 22 June 2022

Jobs for the World: Truly Beloved Leaders

Why do we have wars? Mainly because of the influence of the ruling world leaders. No more war? High time for "Beloved Leaders. Because the current leaders, who contribute to war, will not change fundamentally. But what exactly is going on, and what is needed to make a better world? In my upcoming books, [...]
Martin Thoolen - Awareness at Work
Martin Thoolen | 16 March 2022

How natural living boosts your happiness and vitality

Have you ever lived without a phone and internet for 5 days? I haven't, until the last week. My God, how incredibly boring it was at times. Boring? Only because I'm used to it in the Netherlands. But how at the same time quiet, incredibly impressive and instructive it is. And just imagine if we all had a little more [...]
Martin Thoolen - Awareness at Work
Martin Thoolen | 8 January 2022

A better 2022? Absolutely!

A better 2022? Is that possible? For me too? You might not believe it. After all, we're all going through "tough weather. And there are clear indications that it will get worse in 2022. Nevertheless, it is possible! A better 2022 for you! 2021: ‘Heavy weather’ caused by leaders. Not just the pandemic, but above all the manner in which [...]
Martin Thoolen - Awareness at Work
Martin Thoolen | 10 December 2021

How coincidence can show you the way

I’m shivering on the platform of Utrecht Central Station. I can’t wait to dive into the warm train. As soon as I get in I notice that the heating is not working. Damn. I am surrounded by miserable faces. At that moment a lively voice booms over the PA:”Holder de Bolder, we will shortly be arriving [...]
Martin Thoolen - Awareness at Work
Martin Thoolen | 12 August 2019

How to work more effectively by being your true self

Hooray! It’s your birthday. You unwrap your gift and find a pearl! Have you ever been surprised when you unwrap yourself and find the real version of yourself? What is the as the real version of yourself? If you work as the as the real real version, you take your thoughts, feelings, intuition and choices seriously. And you express [...]
Martin Thoolen - Awareness at Work
Martin Thoolen | 21 June 2017

The power of shadow sides: Hidden treasures brought to light

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making darkness conscious”. (C.G. Jung) This article is an invitation to shed some light on our own shadow-sides as a coach or facilitator. If we have the courage to explore this within ourselves, our facilitation craft and impact on customer will increase [...]
Martin Thoolen - Awareness at Work
Martin Thoolen | 11 August 2016

Pioneering facilitation

You need ego to set limits effectively, but it also can facilitation as a coach or trainer. The magic of true connection and unlimited potential. is to be found beyond your ego as a facilitator. Do you need to set boundaries with your client? When do limits help or block you? Do you really want to inspire and move your customer? Discover a [...]
Martin Thoolen - Awareness at Work
Martin Thoolen | 11 July 2014

Wealth for free!

An inspiring guide for new awareness at work

Authors: Martin Thoolen & Wendy Hobbelink  (©2012)

‘Wealth for free!’ offers you an inspiring perspective that enables you to get more out of your work and life. You learn more about three fundamental strengths that determine all your choices and behaviour in a simple but effective way. We use models, recognisable practical cases and various exercises to enrich your work and life, making it more effective, better and more enjoyable.

The book is available free of charge when participating in a coaching, team coaching, retreat or seminar.

Would you like to take a look?
Open the first section of the book here.

Mart Deepak

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra, with his dozens of books, lectures, seminars and retreats, has now reached millions of people all over the world. As such, is one of the management gurus with the most resonance. Check:
Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle: the power of the small self (ego) & big self (spirit)

He is one of the most popular inspirers who pinpoints the workings of 'the mind' or your ego. And how to practice connection with spirit that brings more peace, clarity and satisfaction. His book 'The Power of NOW' has become a true game-changer in the world for many people:
Hal Sidra Stone met Martin Thoolen

Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone: Psychology of Selves & Voice Dialogue

Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone are the founders of this theory & method that gives clear and practical insight into the stimulating- and hindering forces of our ego. And how awareness of your ego leads to new choices and actions that enrich your personal and professional life. An inspiring method that I still often use. See:
Michael Tophoff

Dr. Michaël Tophoff: Sensory Awareness/ Mindfulness

As the founder of this body-centered approach, Charlotte Selver provided deep insight into how information from your body leads you to new insights and choices that are in line with your original nature. In doing so, she was an early forerunner of what is now called "mindfulness. In several 10-day retreats abroad with Dr. Michaël Tophoff I have been able to refresh myself with this approach and the many powerful exercises:
Natives Martin Thoolen

Natives: indigenous wisdom & connection to spirit

Over the past 20 years I have met many Natives. In addition to giving "Healing Talks" to some First Nations People in BC Canada, I have had the opportunity to speak to several Chiefs. The unprecedented wisdom that we don't find in college or science turns out to be a living presence among these people from whom we can learn. About equality, respect for all beings, gratitude for what the earth gives, leading in service to the community. Be inspired about something that brings you back to your own origins and enriches your work and life:
Pema Chodron

Pema Chodron: Valuable Lessons/Teachings from Buddhism

Pema Chodron is a Buddhist nun who has written several books that can give your basic attitude towards life and work an enormous depth and enlightenment. Razor-sharp and compassionate confrontations will help you go through all transition processes with more space and peace, no matter how small or large:
Peter Senge

Peter Senge

Peter Senge made his breakthrough with his book the 5th discipline on the learning organization. With all his books, he still manages to inspire many CEOs, managers, professionals and others to make their organization a learning organization that leads to greater success.
Peter Toonen

Peter Toonen: Natural Cycles

One of the most renowned inspirers and writers on Mayan Astrology is Peter Toonen. In a clear way, his many books portray parallels that were considered hidden before that time. The universal power to work and live from natural cycles is enormous and possibly enriches you more than you could have imagined before:
Robert Fritz: Co-creating your life from your soul essence

Robert Fritz: Co-creating your life from your soul essence

Peter Senge (author of the 5Th Discipline) says that "Robert Fritz' unquestionably one of the most original thinkers of the moment in the field of creative processes in work, art, science and life in general. He is the author of the book 'The path of least resistance', from which I have further developed insights and exercises that I use in my services.
Carl Gustav Jung himself on that death is not the end.
Wise lessons from Natives Indians that shed bright light on what we are about.
How to Stand Up in the Face of Adversity. Guidelines from Eckhart Tolle.