Making a quantum leap in Personal Leadership?

By Martin Thoolen,
Published at 18 November 2022.
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Follow the Mastercourse: Spirited Personal Leadership (in Dutch)

For professionals, managers, leaders and administrators with HBO or academic work and thinking level.

Next master course with open registration 30/31 March; 11/12 May; 15/16 June 2023

What do you get?

  • 3×2 dagen groepstraining met 3 individuele coachings van 1,5 uur tussendoor voor bewezen optimaal resultaat
  • an intensive individual trajectory of approx. 4 months, which leads to fundamental results with regard to your learning goals
  • a safe environment for new development
  • the latest insights in the field of ego, soul and consciousness that you can apply immediately
  • valuable feedback from fellow participants and trainers that will take you further
  • supervision of two experienced and expert senior trainers/coaches
  • the book Spirited Personal Leadership

For you?

Request a free intake. Look here or download the brochure here:

Want to take a look at the new book?

Go to: Click on 'Fragment' beneath the cover and have a look at the promo copy

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Martin Thoolen

My 30 years of professional experience as an awareness coach, clinical and organisational psychologist has enabled me to help thousands of clients in Personal or Collective Leadership. Both groups and individuals, in coaching sessions, training courses, leadership development and organisation development programs, retreats and seminars.
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