Shining Together

By Martin Thoolen,
Published at 27 September 2023.
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"In the bud, each of us is a pearl"

'In the bud, each of us is a pearl'. Only we don't always show our brilliance, because we lock ourselves in our ego shells without knowing it. Because of old pain, we may end up live in fear, uncertainty, self-defense, or anger and bitterness. Then we become hardened in thinking and doing towards ourselves, hardened towards each other, and hardened towards Mother Earth who we then abuse. Individually as well as collectively as organizations, or peoples against each other. But it really can be different!

How can we shine more together?

There is so much potential in each of us. Here are three ways we can bring it to light.

1. Through Spirited Personal Leadership

By first shining for yourself. By working and living from soul and spirit. And by using your ego and body as vehicles effectively. In other words, by Spirited Personal Leadership. Do you want to know how?

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2. Through Creating Teamspirit

As a manager of your team, you can optimally uncover the potential of talents and create team spirit. Your team will then get wings, and with sincere inspiration the results become visibly better. With special team coaching where team spirit is central. If you want to take a step towards team spirit with your team, look here:

3. Through 'Perspectiefvol Leiderschap' (momentarily only available in Dutch)

As a director or leader of a country, people or organization, you have greater influence and therefore also a responsibility to contribute to a 'shining world'. How do you ensure leadership that provides a perspective to a better future and contributes to that world with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Take a look at the inspiring trajectory provided by Squire Bert-Jan van der Mieden on 'Perspective Filled Leadership'.

Download the brochure of the 'Perspective Filled Leadership' trajectory here:

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In short, let yourself and others shine by:

  • Spirited Personal Leadership
  • Creating Teamspirit
  • Perspectiefvol Leiderschap (momentarily only available in Dutch)

This way we can make a better world in our own work- and living environment. In small or large formats: 'Shine together'.

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Martin Thoolen

My 30 years of professional experience as an awareness coach, clinical and organisational psychologist has enabled me to help thousands of clients in Personal or Collective Leadership. Both groups and individuals, in coaching sessions, training courses, leadership development and organisation development programs, retreats and seminars.
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