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Looking for an experienced and expertise inspirer, trainer or coach with proven qualities for you, your team or organization? For:

  • Effective and inspiring leadership & management
  • Personal leadership & professional performance
  • Personal empowerment & sustainable employability
  • Career development
  • Work and Life choices
  • Teamspirit

As an individual or in a group? Then you are in the right place, because inspiring and facilitating Personal or Collective Leadership of people, teams and organizations is my true passion. Whether you are working as a leader, CEO, manager, professional, employee, entrepeneur, doctor, or just as as private person. With 30 years of professional experience, I can facilitate you, your team or organisation with many of your desired goals.

Of het nu gaat om het ontwikkelen of uitvoeren van individuele coachings, teamcoachings, leergangen, in-companytrainingen, leiderschapsontwikkeling,  organisatie-ontwikkeltrajecten, seminars, advies, public speakings of retreats. Als bewustzijnsbegeleider en klinisch- en organisatiepsycholoog vergroot ik het zelfbewustzijn. Je wordt je bewust van de effecten van je gedrag en keuzes. Omdat ik niet alleen je gedrag, maar ook de wortels van je gedrag aanpak, zijn de resultaten vaak duurzaam: kracht van binnenuit. Daarvoor ontvangen jij, je team of organisatie ontvangen diepgaande en praktische inzichten en oefeningen, die direct leiden tot meer positiviteit en een grotere effectiviteit: De winst van Awareness at work.

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Diensten - Awareness at Work

My in-depth, process-focussed and practical result-oriented approach rapidly produces fundamental results. How wonderful is it to see potential come to light and talents really shine. A true transformation, like an eagle spreading its wings and taking you higher, to a place with more clarity, overview and strength.
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Professional coaching 1-on-1

Guidance on your personal and professional development and performance.


Improve collaboration and team spirit in your team.

In-company trainings & workshops

Custom made for your organization.

Seminars 'The Power from Within'

See which three driving forces determine your functioning and performance.

Life coaching 1-op-1

Guidance on your personal development, relationships and life choices.

Life-Talks & Retreats

This will give you inspiration to live meaningfully and enjoyably
Any doubts? Experience it yourself. You are very welcome for a free orientation.


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Na twee jaar kluizenaarschap en schrijven aan een nieuw boek en Masterclass voor Leiders, kom ik nieuw in beeld. Ook met deze vernieuwde website. Hier vind je snel de nieuwe diensten die je zoekt om jou, je team of organisatie verder te brengen. Maar ook tref je hier snel zaken aan die jouw persoonlijk, professioneel […]
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Martin Thoolen | 22 June 2022

Jobs for the World: Truly Beloved Leaders

Why do we have wars? Mainly because of the influence of the ruling world leaders. No more war? High time for "Beloved Leaders. Because the current leaders, who contribute to war, will not change fundamentally. But what exactly is going on, and what is needed to make a better world? In my upcoming books, [...]
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Martin Thoolen | 16 March 2022

How natural living boosts your happiness and vitality

Have you ever lived without a phone and internet for 5 days? I haven't, until the last week. My God, how incredibly boring it was at times. Boring? Only because I'm used to it in the Netherlands. But how at the same time quiet, incredibly impressive and instructive it is. And just imagine if we all had a little more [...]
Foto Martin Thoolen
Martin Thoolen | 8 January 2022
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