Mart Deepak

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra, with his dozens of books, lectures, seminars and retreats, has now reached millions of people all over the world. As such, is one of the management gurus with the most resonance. Check:
Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle: the power of the small self (ego) & big self (spirit)

He is one of the most popular inspirers who pinpoints the workings of 'the mind' or your ego. And how to practice connection with spirit that brings more peace, clarity and satisfaction. His book 'The Power of NOW' has become a true game-changer in the world for many people:
Hal Sidra Stone met Martin Thoolen

Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone: Psychology of Selves & Voice Dialogue

Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone are the founders of this theory & method that gives clear and practical insight into the stimulating- and hindering forces of our ego. And how awareness of your ego leads to new choices and actions that enrich your personal and professional life. An inspiring method that I still often use. See:
Michael Tophoff

Dr. Michaël Tophoff: Sensory Awareness/ Mindfulness

As the founder of this body-centered approach, Charlotte Selver provided deep insight into how information from your body leads you to new insights and choices that are in line with your original nature. In doing so, she was an early forerunner of what is now called "mindfulness. In several 10-day retreats abroad with Dr. Michaël Tophoff I have been able to refresh myself with this approach and the many powerful exercises:
Natives Martin Thoolen

Natives: indigenous wisdom & connection to spirit

Over the past 20 years I have met many Natives. In addition to giving "Healing Talks" to some First Nations People in BC Canada, I have had the opportunity to speak to several Chiefs. The unprecedented wisdom that we don't find in college or science turns out to be a living presence among these people from whom we can learn. About equality, respect for all beings, gratitude for what the earth gives, leading in service to the community. Be inspired about something that brings you back to your own origins and enriches your work and life:
Pema Chodron

Pema Chodron: Valuable Lessons/Teachings from Buddhism

Pema Chodron is a Buddhist nun who has written several books that can give your basic attitude towards life and work an enormous depth and enlightenment. Razor-sharp and compassionate confrontations will help you go through all transition processes with more space and peace, no matter how small or large:
Peter Senge

Peter Senge

Peter Senge made his breakthrough with his book the 5th discipline on the learning organization. With all his books, he still manages to inspire many CEOs, managers, professionals and others to make their organization a learning organization that leads to greater success.
Peter Toonen

Peter Toonen: Natural Cycles

One of the most renowned inspirers and writers on Mayan Astrology is Peter Toonen. In a clear way, his many books portray parallels that were considered hidden before that time. The universal power to work and live from natural cycles is enormous and possibly enriches you more than you could have imagined before:
Robert Fritz: Co-creating your life from your soul essence

Robert Fritz: Co-creating your life from your soul essence

Peter Senge (auteur van de 5De Discipline) zegt dat “Robert Fritz’…is ontegenzeggelijk één van de meest originele denkers van het moment op het gebeid van creatieve processen in werk, kunst, wetenschap en leven in het algemeen. Hij is de auteur van het boek ‘De weg van de minste weerstand’, waaruit ik inzichten en oefeningen verder heb ontwikkeld die ik in mijn diensten gebruik: