Terms and conditions

Article 1 Applicability of these terms and conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts between Martin Thoolen and the principal. This relates to participation in or instruction to provide courses, training sessions, individual coaching sessions, retreats and other forms of training and facilitations or consultation in the broadest sense of the word, hereinafter referred to as “development process”.
  2. Exceptions to these terms and conditions are only binding if they are confirmed in writing by Martin Thoolen.

Execution of the contract

  1. In exceptional circumstances, Martin Thoolen has the right to cancel a development process or to refuse the participation of a participant.
  2. Martin Thoolen may refuse a participant admission to a development process if he believes that this person is not part of the target group of the development process or that the purpose would be disrupted for other participants.
  3. Martin Thoolen has the right to have certain work carried out by third parties.

Article 3 Refusal of (continuation of) participation   

  1. Martin Thoolen may discontinue the participation of a participant in a development process if it believes that a different type of development process (e.g. psychotherapy) is more appropriate for this person, or if it believes that disruption may be caused for the other participants.

Article 4 Cancellation by the principal

  1. The principal, taking into account the following stipulations, has the right to cancel the contract before a development process starts by means of an e-mail.
  2. The date of the e-mail is valid as the cancellation date.

Cancellation conditions for development processes with open registration (group training)

  1. In the case of cancellation earlier than eight weeks before commencement of the development process (the starting point is the first group meeting), Martin Thoolen will not charge any costs.
  2. In the case of cancellation later than eight weeks before commencement, the principal is obliged to pay 100% of the development process fees.

Cancellation conditions for individual development processes

  1. In the case of cancellation of an appointment within three working days before the start date and time of the individual session, the fee for that facilitation interview is charged.

Cancellation conditions for in-company development processes

  1. In the case of cancellation longer than eight weeks before the commencement of a development process, no fees are charged. In the case of cancellation within eight weeks but longer than six weeks before the commencement of a development process the principal is obliged to pay 50% of the development process fee.
  2. In the case of cancellation within six weeks but longer than four weeks before the start of a development process, the principal is obliged to pay 75% of the development process fee.
  3. In the case of cancellation within four weeks before the start of a development process, the principal is obliged to pay 100% of the development process fee.

Article 5 Payment

In the case of late or non-payment, the principal is liable to pay the statutory interest over the outstanding sum from 14 days after the invoice date.

  1. The principal must pay in the currency agreed in advance without deductions or suspension due to alleged or actual shortcomings on the part of Martin Thoolen.
  2. In the case of liquidation, bankruptcy or suspension of payments on the part of the principal, the claims brought by Martin Thoolen and the obligations of the principal in relation to Martin Thoolen are immediately due and payable.
  3. If timely payment does not take place, Circumference is entitled to assign the claim to a debt collection agency. In this situation, all costs, both legal and non-legal (debt collection), will be charged to the principal. These include the costs of debt collection agencies and the fees and salaries of solicitors and bailiffs. Also if the legal fees exceed the fees attributable under law. In any case, 10% of the sum due will be payable in the case of late payment of non-legal debt collection fees.

Article 6 Copyright

  1. The copyright on the brochures, project material, development process material, scripts, exercises, syllabi, books, vlogs and blogs and other video and audio storage devices and CD-ROMS issued by Martin Thoolen and websites developed by Martin Thoolen is held by Martin Thoolen.
    The principal is not permitted to publish or multiply information from extracts of material or parts thereof in any manner whatsoever without express written permission from Martin Thoolen.

Article 7 Liability

  1. Martin Thoolen accepts liability in relation to the principal for damage caused by a shortcoming in the execution of the contract or an illegal act that is attributable to Martin Thoolen, but only if this is covered by its liability insurance and in as far as the insurer executes a pay-out.
  2. Martin Thoolen is not liable for any psychological damage claimed by the principal or the participant sent by the principal in relation to the activities of Martin Thoolen.
  3. The liability of Martin Thoolen is always limited to the amount charged for the act that caused the damage (= invoice amount), or, in the case of a long-term contract, to the invoice amount over a period of six months.

Article 8 GDPR: the general data protection regulation

Martin Thoolen believes that it is extremely important to handle your personal information with care and respect. This is why we process and secure personal information meticulously. We comply with the prescriptions of the privacy legislation and encourage you to read our privacy declaration. Nothing changes in your current settings or the manner in which your information is processed.

Contact information
Martin Thoolen, Nieuwveens Jaagpad 86, 2441 GB in Nieuwveen, is responsible for the processing of personal information, as stated in this privacy declaration. Martin Thoolen can be approached using the following e-mail address: [email protected]..

Personal information that we process
Martin Thoolen processes personal information on the basis of your registration as a participant in face-to-face or online-coaching sessions, retreats, training courses, syllabi or consultations and your preparedness to provide this information for this purpose. 

Here is a list of the personal information that we process:

  • name of the organisation, department or job (if applicable)
  • first name and surname or initials and surname
  • address information
  • telephone number
  • your personal e-mail address
  • e-mailadres voor facturering indien dit afwijkt van het e-mailadres als persoon
  • bank account number (IBAN), only used in the bookkeeping statements.

This also includes photos and/or video material that is created during training days, training sessions, workshops, retreats and other events or activities organised or executed by Martin Thoolen

For what purpose and on the basis of which principle we process personal information
Martin Thoolen processes your personal information for the following purposes:

  • registration for retreats, syllabi, training or coaching sessions or consultations
  • to be able to e-mail or call you, if necessary, or to invite you to activities
  • sending our newsletters
  • sharing photos and video materials created during the activities executed or organised by Martin Thoolen with the followers of Martin Thoolen on social media, and for placement in the newsletters and on my website.

How long do we store personal information?
Martin Thoolen stores your personal information no longer than is necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes for which your information is gathered. The personal information is deleted from our files in the case of cancellation and death.

Sharing personal information with third parties
Martin Thoolen will not sell your personal information to third parties and will not provide it without your permission. Your information is handled as confidential.

Cookies, or comparable technologies that we use
Viewing, altering or deleting information

Viewing, altering or deleting information
You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal information. You also have the right to revoke your permission for information processing or to object to the processing of your personal information by Martin Thoolen. You can submit a request to Martin Thoolen to send your personal information (that we have in our possession) to a different organisation, specified by you. You can send a request to view, correct, delete or transfer your personal information or request to revoke your permission or to object to the processing of your personal information to [email protected].Martin Thoolen would also like to draw your attention to the fact that you have the option to submit complaints to the national supervisory organ, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (personal data authority). This can be done using the following link: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/contact-met-deautoriteit-persoonsgegevens/tip-ons .

How we secure personal information
Martin Thoolen takes the protection of your information seriously and implements appropriate measures to prevent, loss, unauthorised access, undesired publication and prohibited changes. If you have the impression that your information is not effectively secured or there are indications of misuse, please contact Martin Thoolen (06-15620111) or [email protected]..

Article 9 Applicable law and competent court

Dutch law applies to every contract between Martin Thoolen and a principal. Disputes in relation to contracts that are not subject to these terms and conditions are not covered by the competence of the district court judge will be presented to the competent judge in Utrecht.