Retreat ‘Awareness at work’

Want to get inspiration for:

  • being your true self?
  • to feel more inner tranquillity and headspace?
  • to make carefully considered life choices?
  • to be satisfied?
  • to enrich your life with practical spirituality?
  • to handle intense experiences wisely in your life?

Then you can invite as an organizer and facilitator of a multi-day retreat. for you, your friends or other interested parties. I have many years of professional experience in developing and executing both options.

Foto Retreat ‘Awareness at work’

Would like to really explore in-depth and utilise new strengths in yourself that have a long-lasting effect. Then a retreat could be useful for you. You take a good look at yourself in a safe environment and temporary isolation. You not only clearly see three strengths that dominate your work or life, you also experience them powerfully. Besides theoretical knowledge, you are given various exercises, including visualisation, focused mindfulness, meditations and nature experiences that have a deeply positive impact on your life. Your life questions and answers are shown in a new light and give you the clarity to take new steps. The impact has often turned out to be so great that participants still feel the benefit many years later.

I have experience with the development and execution of three-day retreats, such as Transformation Weekends or Inspiration Days. But my main experience is 8 years with the Week Retreats Inner Nature abroad, where I frequently heard and saw participants emerging reborn after 5 or 7 days.

There are no retreats currently planned. However, if you know people around you who would like to be inspired in this way, we can plan a retreat..

What to expect?

During the retreat you gain insight into how three strengths determine everything in your life. All your behaviour and choices. The first strength is your ego, which you get to know better with ego-bus based on the Psychology of Selves & Voice Dialogue by Hal & Sidra Stone, who trained me in the USA. You are given an explanation of how your ego was formed over the years and how you can use it now in a controlled and effective manner. The second strength is your soul. You learn to recognise when it is on the pilot light and how you can activate it to make your life more meaningful and passionate. The third strength is consciousness or spirit. A strength that can clearly see through your entire being, makes you self-aware and gives you new choices.

You will see how these strengths determine your individuality and passion, all of your life choices, the experience of bereavement, relationships, spirituality, authentic connection, personal development and transformation.

Besides insights, you are given tips and techniques that enrich your life. You can find more on this body in my book about Personal Inspirational Leadership.

There is enough time to relax from which new insights occur, or just do nothing for a while.

Something for you?

Would you like to see if I can inspire you with a retreat?
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