Masterclasses 'Spirited (Personal) Leadership'

Making more of your talents?

Maintaining control over your work and remain healthy?

Restoring your work-life balance?

Mobilizing the strengths and talents optimally in your team as a manager?

How to inspire others as a leader to flourish your organization?

Then you can invite me to an seminar or interactive masterclass for you, your team or organisation. in a short time you will receive new insights which you can apply directly at your work.

I enjoy making an inspiring contribution with seminars or an interactive masterclass. I have many years of experience in the development and execution of various seminars for organisations in different sectors. These include assignments for EVG Start, Getforward, DSM, Rabobank, ECN, NVMW, PION and the Ministry for Social Affairs.

Foto Masterclasses ‘(Persoonlijk) Inspirerend Leiderschap’

What to expect?

During a a half or one-day seminar of two to four hours you will gain new insights and exercises related to the required topics. My experience includes seminars in the areas of:

  • Vitality & sustainable employability
  • Performance
  • Work/life-balance
  • Inspirerend Leiderschap
  • Personal Leadership/ Self-management
  • Talent Development
  • Transformation
  • Business Spirituality
  • Teamspirit

You will gain insights om how three forces in everyone will determine how they deal with these issues. You will also get interactive exercises so you can experience how tools can help you with this.

At the masterclasses recognisable examples from your work are used in 2 or 4-hour session to reveal how three deep-rooted strengths can help or hinder your life. Armed with this new knowledge you are ready to take new steps.

Response to an interactive workshop on Spirited Personal Leadership:
“Martin Thoolens Spirited Personal Leadership Masterclass was a valuable experience for us at GetForward. His ability to make beliefs concrete made the content immediately applicable, and the focus on team reflection promoted deeper understanding and collaboration. In short, highly recommended for those looking for tangible improvements in leadership.”

Knowing your roots of 'Spirited (Personal) Leadership'

This way you gain insight into how three strengths determine everything in your work and life. All your behaviour and choices. The first strength is your ego, which you get to know better with the ego-bus based on the Psychology of Selves & Voice Dialogue by Hal & Sidra Stone, who trained me in the USA. You are given an explanation of how your ego was formed over the years and how you can use it now in a controlled and effective manner. The second strength is your soul. You learn to recognise when it is on the pilot light and how you can activate it to make your life more meaningful and passionate. The third strength is spirit or consciousness. A strength that can clearly see through your entire being, makes you self-aware and gives you new choices. More about this you can see here.

You will see how much these strengths determine your vitality, work/life balance, leadership, personal leadership/self-management, talent development teamspirit and transformation. Besides insights, you are given tips and techniques that enrich your life.

Interesting for you, your team or organisation?

Would you like to see if I can inspire you with an event or contribution to an event?
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