Coaching: Vitality & sustainable employability

Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • Busy, busy, too busy.
  • Too long and too much buffing.
  • Doing nothing every evening on the couch.
  • Sleep worse.
  • Curt, more forgetful, less concentrated, getting grumpier.
  • Dragging yourself to work.
  • You keep getting over it.
  • Suffering more and more from physical aches and pains.

You go on and on, until you are tired or the light goes out and you end up sitting at home 'over-stressed'. Sustainable employability and vitality demand more and more attention in this time of increased work pressure, because absenteeism is an 'energy drain' for you and your organization that costs a lot of money and fun.

Foto Coaching: Vitaliteit & duurzame inzetbaarheid

Martin Thoolen: Awareness at work

With my more than thirty years of experience, I know how to recognize the opportunities and the pitfalls of overstrain, burnout, vitality and sustainable employability in practice. In addition, through my years of trainer experience, I master proven theoretical models and exercises. As a result, you can return to work in a whistling manner and remain permanently employable.

For example, I give insights and tips about stress and time management. However, that can easily prove insufficient if you remain unaware of the power of your ego and soul that nourishes it.

From my experience it appears that most people who get burned out have a strong ego identification with their inner pleaser, pusher and/or perfectionist. If you don't balance it, you can easily get overstrained a second time. And that is not always easy to avoid, especially if your ego is sometimes stubbornly chasing lasting recognition or approval from outside. Moreover, your basic energy is not at the right level if you do something structural that you are not passionate about. In that case, we also look at how you can restore that.

  • Recognizing and acknowledging signals through awareness of own ego defense mechanisms
  • Gain insight into the functioning of your ego passengers and which sides cause negative stress
  • Managing your pleaser, perfectionist and pusher more effectively
  • Clarifying your ego passengers' food source
  • Recalibrating your passion and inspiration

Because my approach is very practical on the one hand, but also in-depth as a clinical and organizational psychologist, the effects are more fundamental and you remain more vital and sustainable for longer.

Book a non-binding intake today

You can apply for a one-hour intake interview in which we can find out if I can really help you, free of charge and obligation. We get to know each other to see if we have a rapport. There is ample opportunity to tell your story and explain why you are looking for vitality coaching. I help you to set tangible goals that you can use to monitor your development.

I also explain specifically how I can help you progress using insights, exercises and assignments. This outlines what you can expect from my coaching process.

If there is a good mutual feeling to start a coachings process, I will draw up a quotation in which your objectives are stated. If desired, the input of your manager, HRM employee, company doctor or employer is also included in the objectives for the process.

The journey to recovery and balance

The journey to your recovery requires you to learn to recognize, acknowledge and use your stress signals as hard and sincere. This beneficial route requires you to look honestly at yourself, at both your strength and vulnerability. I offer you for that safety and insights.

In addition to your own behavioral choices, you will receive insights and tools to improve the balance within yourself. Not only through tips and tricks so much, but through new control of the 'nature of the beast' (your ego). Because you can change behaviour, just like weeding weeds, but if you don't tackle it at the root, it will come back.

In addition to these opportunities that I can offer you, you increase the chance of having more fun and energy in your job if you go out on your own. I encourage you to get started with the insights gained and to keep working with exercises and practical assignments. You are pointed out the possibilities and impossibilities and you learn to see how you can become a co-architect of your own energy balance again.

There is no such thing as a standard approach with me

There is no question of a standard trajectory for me, just as no use is made of only models. Customization is provided, tailored to your reality. This is because everyone is unique and therefore different. If you opt for vitality coaching with me, there is a fair chance that you will continue to work with pleasure and energy.


A vitality coaching trajectory normally consists of 4 to 8 sessions of 1.5 hours. This allows us to really dive in deep and tackle your questions at the core.

The first four coaching sessions follow each other in rapid succession (every week or two weeks), so that you really make progress with what you have been given. After a verbal interim evaluation, we examine whether the desired development has come about. If we continue the process you will act increasingly on the basis of your own strength. The remaining sessions will be every 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Then you always have a back-up to look forward to.


I use three methods of arranging the intake and coaching sessions:


In the Coachhuis in The Hague (Raamweg 4 near station CS) and Amsterdam and Utrecht (depending on what is free). I reserve a room where the intake and coaching sessions take place in advance.

On site

In the Hague, Amsterdam or Utrecht I come to your room if you can reserve a suitable coaching room there.


You can also participate in online coaching sessions if you are too busy or I am overseas. For example, via Skype, facetime or whatsapp.


There are no costs associated with an intake interview, regardless of whether a coaching process results or not. The rate for a Professional Coaching on behalf of organizations of 1.5 hours is € 250,= and of 1 hour € 175,= excl. 21% VAT. Most of the trajectories that I provide consist of an average of 6 coaching sessions of 1.5 hours. If you have to pay for this from your own business as a freelancer (and not by the organisation), you will receive a 15% discount. A discount of 15% also applies to NGOs. If you pay for it entirely out of your own pocket, the rate is € 150,= for 1.5 hours (incl. 21% VAT) and for 1 hour € 100,= (incl. 21% VAT). For additional consultation with your manager, HRM employee, company doctor or employer, the time will be charged in accordance with the above rates.


You can always call or e-mail me with questions at:
I will reply as quickly as possible.