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Mastercourse: 'Spirited Personal Leadership'

Want to get more control about your work, leaving you with more energy, effectiveness, meaning and passion? And contribute to a better world at the same time? That is possible through 'Spirited Personal Leadership'.

Coaching: Burn out & sustainable employability

Strengthen your personal resilience here, so that you can work and remain more vital for your organization.

Career Coaching

Here you quickly get a clear picture of what you can, want and dare to do, and which position suits you best so that you can go back to work. With optimal personal customization.

Business Coaching 1-on-1

Whether you are a CEO/CFO, administrator, manager professional or employee; in a few coaching sessions you will experience major steps that improve your performance at work.

Expat Coaching

Working in The Netherlands as an expat? Or as a Dutch expat abroad? You can use some support as an international professional to find your way? Maybe Expat Coaching is just for you!


As an experienced team coach, I provide insights and exercises that free your team to work together more enjoyably and effectively.

In-company trainings & workshops

In the last 30 years I have provided a multitude of in-company training courses and workshops for a wide range of companies. With an overall average score of 8,5 on evaluations.

Masterclasses '(Spirited) Personal Leadership'

Graag lever ik een inspirerende bijdrage met masterclasses. Ik heb jarenlange professionele ervaring in de ontwikkeling en uitvoering van diverse seminars voor organisaties uit verschillende branches.

Life coaching 1-op-1

In a number of one-on-one coaching sessions you make visible and tangible better steps that make your life lighter. Life coaching mainly focuses on private related questions.

Retreat ‘Awareness at work’

During the retreat you gain insight into how three strengths determine everything in your life. All your behaviour and choices. The first strength is your ego, which you get to know better with

Organizational Psychologist (in-house)

It is people who can make a successful team of organizations. From breaking. To upgrade your organization, a 'permanent' or 'internal' organizational psychologist often offers (temporary) results.