Your behaviour is tackled at the roots for fundamental results

All our behaviour and choices stem from three universal powers that live in each one of us: ego, soul and awareness (spirit). Most training programs define personal leadership as getting more control over your work and life. 'Spirited Personal Leadership' offers this too, but adds more to that. It shows how you can get a better grip on your work and life, not so much by tips and trics, but by management of your ego. When you get to the roots of your behavior, the effects are longer lasting than if you mainly receive tips and tricks. In addition, Personal Inspiring Leadership activates your soul, so that you experience more vitality, enthusiasm and meaning. And there is more that this type of leadership offers you: universal awareness that leads to a better, true and peaceful life and work. Moreover, you will not only inspire yourself, but you will also inspire your immediate environment with your new behavior and choices. Hence: Personal Inspiring Leadership.

Why spirited?

Why 'spirited'? Because in this module you will receive a literal explanation of what 'spirit' encompasses, including universal consciousness. You will also learn how to apply this practically and concretely in your own daily work. Because if you want to work meaningfully and peacefully with all the business relationships around you, 'just personal leadership' is not enough. Let alone that you contribute to a better world.

The entire Master Module consists of an intake, three modules in groups and three individual coaching sessions.

This combination has proven to be most fruitful for many previous participants.

Three group modules

This Master Module consists of 3 times 2 days with an evening program. Experience has shown that these in-depth modules lead to more effect if you are away from home for 2 days with an evening (overnight stay).

Three individual coaching sessions

After each module you have individual coaching of 1.5 hours to optimize the development of what you have learned in practice. However, there is first an intake interview with one of the trainers.


Prior to this there is an intake interview to determine the individual learning goals on which you can monitor your development over time. Mutual expectations are discussed as well. You will also receive a specific autobiography assignment in preparation for the first of the three modules.

The modules

This Master Module consists of 3 times 2 days with an evening program.

In this first module you will first see what ego actually means and how it influences your work behavior and choices. You find out when you're selling yourself short by displaying too little ego. But you also see what happens when your ego is structurally out of control. You will find out what undesirable, ineffective or sometimes destructive consequences this has. You also learn how to recognize this and how to adjust it yourself: through ego-management. You will be enriched with the model of the inner 'Ego-bus' and how to manage this yourself using Voice Dialogue (from the theory of the 'Psychology of Selves').

At the end of this module a first individual coaching session is planned in between/after the group modules.

In the second module you will encounter the pitfalls of too little, but also of too much inspiration! You learn to recognize faster when you have too little or too much of it, but also when the dose of inspiration is right so that you can achieve optimal growth. You will be given five paths that help you to experience more meaning, passion, perseverance and pleasure: by showing color, increasing your independence, healing your soul pain, activating your soul joy, using your original talents and bringing your dreams to life to bring.

At the end of this module a first individual coaching session is planned in between/after the group modules.

In this last module you will see how you will experience more peace and connection and in your work in all your business relationships. With your customers, your clients, your colleagues, your managers and your shareholders. Really everyone around you. You will receive insights and exercises that help you realize this, namely by taking one or more of ten possible 'actions'. Examples of this are the practice of 'heartfulness', the experience and use of synchronicity and the admission of intuition and hunches. You will also see how you can increase your contribution to a better world, no matter how small or large. Part of this is that you make and test an individual professional vision from inspiration and spirit, instead of ego. You will also see what your pitfalls are to actually realize this and who or what you can support in this process.

At the end of this module a first individual coaching session is planned in between/after the group modules.

Result after the Master Module 'Personal Inspiring Leadership' is that you:

  • work more effectively;
  • have increased room for your talents
  • have a healthy work/life balance;
  • increase the amount of control they have in their own life and work;
  • experience more pleasure, passion, meaning and vitality;
  • feel more inner peace and quiet;
  • to contribute to better business relationships with your customers, colleagues, managers, suppliers, clients and shareholders;
  • contribute to a better world.

Additional information Master Module 'Personal Inspiring Leadership'

About the trainers

'It's not about the institute but the facilitator what provides quality'

Top quality of training is not so much determined by the institute, but mainly by the rich professional experience and expertise with proven results of the trainers in question. With this Master Module you are assured of this.


The costs for participation are € 5,500 excl. 21% VAT per person.
When you participate, you will receive a free colorful E-book with 330 pages of inspiration: 'Spirited Personal Leadership'.

For NGO's a discount of 15% applies on the participation costs.

Dates and location

De eerste Master Module zal aanvangen begin 2023. Binnenkort zullen de data en locatie bekend worden gemaakt. Voor meer informatie kun je e-mailen naar: or call: +31-6-1562 0111

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A personal note from the developer

Why is this Master Module being developed?

Martin Thoolen: “How the world has become is close to my heart. My desire to experience a better world together has always been a lasting torch in my life. How is it possible that we wage wars, small and large? At work with our colleagues, customers or suppliers, privately with our neighbours, family or partner? Or with each other as nations? What actually drives every person? And if we know that, how can we make things more beautiful together at work and in our private life? Since childhood I have been interested in what all of us actually drives: individually, collectively and then both in the present and throughout the years of history. What is it beyond behavior that actually defnies all oir behavior and choices? Imagine finding out, or maybe even get to know the reason for existence! And how nice it is to receive pointers that actually contribute to a better world! All this and more can be found in this Master Module. However, something has happened before that.

What have been the resources of my research?

Thirty years ago I have been discovering as a mental explorer to what really drives us all. Before that, I was already involved in astrology as a teenager and I also chose philosophy as a secondary subject in high school for three years. I then dug further and obtained my master's degree in clinical and organizational psychology in 1990. I also studied metaphysics and studied parapsychology at the University of Utrecht as a minor.

However, the various existing psychological schools, including behavioral psychology and models, are not enough. When it comes to answering life questions and guiding questions from my clients and clients, the current psychology appears to have limits, which means that you cannot achieve an optimal result. So I continued the search and looked into what else drives us. Because what about the age-old wisdom and healing methods of the various indigenous peoples on the earth? What is it that all religions have in common, and how does that influence our behavior? Why is there war, and why peace?

Life, and therefore abroad, beckoned me with these and many other questions. I went out looking for answers in literature, but also at conferences and podcasts about leadership, psychology, philosophy, religions, physics, metaphysics and spirituality. I have followed dozens of national and international conferences, workshops and courses in the field of personality development, mindfulness, spirituality, non-dualism and more. These were provided by drs. Hal & Sidra Stone, dr. Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Almaas, Jadthen Jewall, dr. Olga Kharitidi, Jeff Foster and Gangaji.

Because I have been dealing with these life questions on a daily basis in my personal and professional life for the past thirty years, I received many new insights. These included professional experiences with thousands of clients/clients and leaders in business, state, provincial and municipal governments, healthcare, education, science and many other industries. I have also learned a lot by developing and implementing, for eight years, week retreats 'Inner Nature' abroad, from more than thirty open courses 'Personal Empowerment', from the 'New Perspective' training for the national government and from the training from trainers for this. In addition, I have provided international in-company Personal Leadership (self-management) training courses, as well as thousands of professional coaching and dozens of teambuilding activities, and much more. But I also got insights from dreams and visions, some of which you will find in this master module.

However, I also literally spent years 'on the road in the world' to arrive at new answers. Over the past decades I have also gained many experiences and insights from my encounters with indigenous leaders, chiefs, healers, spiritual teachers and nature around the world. If you like it, here's a bird's-eye view in 2 minutes of what I've met before:

These contacts brought clarity to me about the natural heritage that many of us have forgotten, namely universal consciousness, often referred to as "spirit". That awareness fundamentally influences our existence, and therefore also our (work) behavior and choices. I see it as one of my tasks to bring all that knowledge and experience together into something that really matters and that you can use practically. And then both at work and in your private life, while it can also contribute to a better world. Universal knowledge is bundled in this book in a clear, well-arranged and at the same time profound and practically applicable way.

I sincerely hope that this Master Module inspires you to give your work a spin that will benefit you and the world around you.”