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By Martin Thoolen,
Published at 26 February 2023.
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“Your current life is nothing other than a temporary education, which helps your soul grow towards being a sincere, truthful and peaceful human being towards yourself, others and your (natural) surroundings, by way of conscious life lessons”.

Like to know how to fuel your soul?

Take a look at the book ‘Spirited Personal Leadership.’ For more effective work, a meaningful life and a better world. book will appear in March of 2023). Click on Fragment to see the promotional copy and find out whether my book could help you.

Would you like to personally experience how you can gain more control over your work and life?

Check the new Master’s Course – Spirited Personal Leadership - here: First one starting from September 28.

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Martin Thoolen

My 30 years of professional experience as an awareness coach, clinical and organisational psychologist has enabled me to help thousands of clients in Personal or Collective Leadership. Both groups and individuals, in coaching sessions, training courses, leadership development and organisation development programs, retreats and seminars.
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