A better world. Is that possible?

By Martin Thoolen,
Published at 10 October 2022.
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It seems unlikely when you look around today. Actually, not just today, but any time in the last five millennia. However, I am still a dreamer who believes it certainly is possible, which gives life meaning. 

Especially if we don’t wait for others but take independent action. Not waiting for a redeemer but becoming our own redeemer. Everyone in their own world. With neighbours, colleagues, other road users, fellow citizens and fellow human beings.

A worldwide divergence is currently taking place. One that is inevitable and necessary. Two environments are being created. By those who choose ego, and those who choose (self)consciousness/spirit. These are two incompatible paths that were predicted long ago and are clearly illustrated on the Hopi stone that I visited with a guide in Arizona, the USA, in 2018. 

Ego-focussed environments, societies and organisations

Ego-focused environments, societies and organisations are typified by preferential treatment of some groups at the expense of others. Rich over poor, men above women, white above non-white, non-native above native, etc. 

Countries can even be in the grip of an extreme collective ego guided by their ego-driven leaders. They are typified by one of the eight ego-coup roles into which you can fall and remain one of which is the ruler, as I discuss in my book on Spirited Personal Leadership.

Ego as Ruler

In this case, a leader cares for his people, according to a ‘personal diktat.’ He does whatever it takes to be on top, because then he will have more power and influence. They put themselves above others, who must obey their will in order to meet their needs. To achieve this, they use a wide range of power resources, not just the aforementioned position of power. But strong powers of persuasion (which is sometimes expressed as literally screaming at ‘your people’), charisma, strategic traits (including lying) expertise or knowledge, income or status or networks can also be employed to impose their will on others.

If the people ‘under them’ are not obedient, they condemn them and try to get rid of them. The driving force is the fear that they, or their group, will be inadequate or enjoy less prestige. They consistently communicate this fear by means of threats issued to those who think differently. By intimidation. For instance, when the chairman of the board gives you hell, while it is not you but several incumbent administrators who are incompetent. Or threatening using displays of power – from threats of dismissal to military parades with nuclear missiles.

You make your allies dependent by giving preferential treatment and other privileges. For example, in the Corona policy that was enforced by a great many countries all over the world we saw preferred groups, and others who were free to kick the bucket. Vaccines first went to the rich, and then the poor.

Als het ego van een leider over regering nog meer wilt overheersen, breid je je territorium aan eigen bevoegdheden uit en laat ze – als het even kan – vastleggen in statutaire bepalingen, soms tot aan de grondwet toe. Daardoor trek je nog meer macht naar je toe. Kijk maar naar sommigen van onze huidige dictatoriale regeringsleiders. En daar blijft het niet bij, want liefst breiden ze letterlijk hun territorium uit en beroven andere volkeren van hun land. Om zichzelf en hun voorkeursgroep te bedienen. Ten koste van anderen.

Deze meer spiritueel laag-ontwikkelde samenlevingen, regeringen en organisaties maken zich, ondanks of soms dankzij de invulling van hun religie, schuldig aan angst zaaien, macht uitoefenen, manipulatie, martelingen, (uit)moorden, stelselmatige indoctrinatie, verbergen en verdraaien van informatie of het geven van eenzijdige informatie.

But things can be different if ‘Inspired Leaders’ rule the world.

Spirited environments, societies and organisations

De spiritueel meer ontwikkelde samenlevingen worden gekenmerkt onder andere een oprechte en goedwerkende democratie waar daadwerkelijk geluisterd wordt naar álle stemmen. Waar geen geheimen leven en verborgen agenda’s zijn, maar volledige transparantie is.  Waar gelijke rechten gelden voor iedereen, zoals gelijke beloningen voor vrouwen en mannen. Waar alle groepen en landen in vrede naast elkaar en met elkaar leven en werken. Waar genoeg water, eten en huisvesting voor iedereen is en honger verbannen is. Waar de voedingsbodem van ons bestaan, de aarde, in ons doen en laten gerespecteerd wordt. Een utopie?

Current development of the world

Current development of the world In any case, right now the world is suffering a collective ego regression led by ego or ego-disturbed leaders who feed low ego societies. Current economic and political interests prevail above human dignity and equality. Even the United Nations, which should promote a peaceful world and care for everyone, displays a number of fundamental shortcomings. Injustice has even been given a seat at the UN. Just look at the UN human rights council, which refused to debate on the report on human rights violations in China. A report that had previously been concealed despite the proven use of systematic torture, detention and brainwashing amongst the Muslim Uyghur minority.

Every country that voted no or abstained contributes to this universal injustice. They lack the guts to choose universal justice. And this is simply due to the fear of sacrificing too much political, economic and personal capital, status and privilege. Consequently, fear and power are the dominant factors, not love of your fellow human beings. Qatar’s no vote, based on economic interests, clearly highlighted its own human rights abuses. But ok, football entertainment trumps everything. And we’ll soon all be enjoying watching the World Cup. For the record, I am a massive football fan, but this just isn’t right.

And injustice is ubiquitous. In my own country too. No different to other countries. The leadership in recent years has allowed the rich (mostly men) to get richer and the poor to get poorer, so now even food banks can no longer cope, on top of the immense growth of policy implemented on the basis of lies and egoism.

And as I already mentioned, some governments and leaders deliberately utilise control to impose a regime where torture, systematic murder and indoctrination are portrayed as normal and responsible. Sometimes even in the name of God, Allah or whoever. Because this gives you licence to do whatever you want. But what if your own child, father or mother is the one having their human rights contravened? What if the situation is reversed and you or your partner or relative are indoctrinated, tortured or killed? Tell me, what is the difference? A great deal from the ego, and nothing from the spirit. Because then we are all equal. All people with the same wishes, fears, pains and desires. There is no difference because at our core we are all equal.

“At our core we are all equal”

What injustice have you experienced? How did it feel? What if you were also let down by your own government or the UN? Or even tortured or killed? This is not how we’ll make a better world.

Then how?

Fortunately, there is also a natural development underway. New generations are increasingly intolerant of these unjust ego societies. Look at Iran. Patience is running thin with the reign of terror imposed by patriarchal white-man-power (fed by a distorted use of religion). It is just a matter of time. The fresh spirit-awareness of younger generations no longer accepts it, and the revolt is growing of its own accord. Simply because people’s hearts can no longer bear it.

It is also time for beloved leaders to cultivate a better world, as you can read in another article: https://martinthoolen.com/en/openstaande-vacatures-voor-de-wereldde-geliefde-leider/

What can you do yourself?

Besides new leaders and the natural development of ego resistance, you can also make a personal contribution to a better world. You don’t have to wait for others. Dare to choose. Dare to be a dissident in your ego environments. Choose for or create a better world around you, however hard it may be. Are you aware of your own ego, soul and how (self)consciousness/spirit can enrich you? See yourself with new eyes and approach everyone around you in a truthful, sincere and peaceful way, even when you do not agree. Look at how you treat your family, neighbours, customers, team-members, board-members, shareholders, employees at work yourself. Thus creating a better world around you daily. https://www.amazon.com/Spirited-Personal-Leadership-effective-meaningful/dp/9090368027/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1T35YC0885VAQ&keywords=spirited+personal+leadership&qid=1689054493&sprefix=spirited+personal+leadershipaps225&sr=8-1

Or would you like to personally receive and experience the tools for a better world? Then this Master’s course could help: https://martinthoolen.com/en/service/master-module-persoonlijk-inspirerend-leiderschap/Furthermore, it can also fundamentally promote a more effective, balanced, sustainable and dynamic working life and add meaning to your personal life.

A better world. Is that possible? Yes! If this all happens more there really could be a burgeoning paradise on earth in just a few decades. You can go for that instead of complaining and feeling victimised by a world you can’t stand. 

The choice is yours.

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© 2022: Martin Thoolen

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