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Looking for an experienced and expertise inspirer, trainer or coach with proven qualities for you, your team or organization? For:

  • Effective and inspiring leadership & management
  • Personal leadership & professional performance
  • Personal empowerment & sustainable employability
  • Career development
  • Work and Life choices
  • Teamspirit

As an individual or in a group? Then you are in the right place, because inspiring and facilitating Personal or Collective Leadership of people, teams and organizations is my true passion. Whether you are working as a leader, CEO, manager, professional, employee, entrepeneur, doctor, or just as as private person. With 30 years of professional experience, I can facilitate you, your team or organisation with many of your desired goals.

Whether developing or executing individual coachings, team coachings, training courses, in-company trainings, leadership development, organizational development programs, seminars, consulting, public speakings or retreats; as an awareness coach and clinical and organizational psychologist, I expand self-awareness. You become aware of the effects of your behavior and choices. Because I address not only your behavior, but also the roots of your behavior, the results are often sustainable: power from within. Therefore you, your team or organization will receive profound and practical insights and exercises, which will directly lead to more positivity and greater effectiveness: The profit of Awareness at work.

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My in-depth, process-focussed and practical result-oriented approach rapidly produces fundamental results. How wonderful is it to see potential come to light and talents really shine. A true transformation, like an eagle spreading its wings and taking you higher, to a place with more clarity, overview and strength.
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Mastercourse: 'Spirited Personal Leadership'

Want to get more control about your work, leaving you with more energy, effectiveness, meaning and passion? And contribute to a better world at the same time? That is possible through 'Spirited Personal Leadership'.

Coaching: Burn out & sustainable employability

Strengthen your personal resilience here, so that you can work and remain more vital for your organization.

Career Coaching

Here you quickly get a clear picture of what you can, want and dare to do, and which position suits you best so that you can go back to work. With optimal personal customization.

Professional coaching 1-on-1

Guidance on your personal and professional development and performance.

Expat Coaching

Working in The Netherlands as an expat? Or as a Dutch expat abroad? You can use some support as an international professional to find your way? Maybe Expat Coaching is just for you!


Improve collaboration and team spirit in your team.

In-company trainings & workshops

Custom made for your organization.

Seminars 'The Power from Within'

See which three driving forces determine your functioning and performance.

Life coaching 1-op-1

Guidance on your personal development, relationships and life choices.

Retreat 'Awareness at work'

This will give you inspiration to live meaningfully and enjoyably
Any doubts? Experience it yourself. You are very welcome for a free orientation.

Spirited Personal Leadership

for effective work, meaningful living and a better world

Author: Martin Thoolen (©2022)

Do you want to work more effectively? Or live a more meaningful life? Or contribute to a better world? Or all of the above? You can do that. Every day. How? With Spirited Personal Leadership.

This book is intended for anyone who, in their private or work life, wants to:

  • work more effectively;
  • develop their talents further;
  • have a healthy work/life balance;
  • increase the amount of control they have in their own life and work;
  • experience more pleasure, passion, meaning and vitality;
  • feel more inner peace and quiet;
  • to contribute to better relationships - privately as well as in business;
  • make a meaningful contribution to a better world.

Regardless of whether you are a leader, lawmaker, entrepreneur, manager, professional, associate, student, parent, family member, teenager or an adult.

What to expect?
This book will take you straight to the source of all your choices and behaviors. It will give you accessible insights, inspiring examples and exercises that you’ll be able to apply immediately, and see results of quickly. You will gain insight into the three forces that determine each and every one of your choices, behaviors and personal leadership: ego, soul and consciousness (spirit).

The following questions will be answered: What is ego anyway? Should you jettison your ego? What are the benefits of ego, and what are its pitfalls? Or, what is the soul? Is there a reason for our existence? What are the five existential tasks the soul has to tackle? What are the pros and cons of working and living from inspiration? And, what is spirit or consciousness? How can you utilize it more to have smoother relationships in private and at work and to create more peace for yourself and others around you? In the last section of the book you will see how you can make a real contribution towards a better world.

At the beginning of 2023 the book 'Spirited Personal Leadership' with more than 300 pages of inspiration will appear. Are you interested to order one? Then send me an email to


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New Service: Expat Coaching

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