Booklaunch Dutch hardcopy: Persoonlijk Inspirerend Leiderschap

By Martin Thoolen,
Published at 1 November 2022.
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for effective work, meaningful living and a better world

From now on the Dutch hardcopy is deliverable. The English version will appear at the beginnign of 2023.

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After three years of work, over 300 pages of new inspiration has finally landed. For your work and private life. If you find it interesting and start reading, I'm curious what you think of it.

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Kind regards and above all enjoy reading, Martin

P.S. How the world has become is close to my heart. In small and large. That is why I have spent the past 3 years browsing and writing how we can make it more beautiful for ourselves and each other, at work and beyond. This is the result.

For who?

This book is intended for anyone who, in their private or work life, wants to:

– effectiever wil werken

– zijn/haar talenten verder wil ontwikkelen

– een gezonde werk/leven-balans wenst

– regie over je eigen leven en werk wil vergroten

– meer plezier, passie, zingeving en vitaliteit wil beleven

– meer innerlijke rust en vrede wil voelen

– wil bijdragen aan betere relaties, zowel zakelijk, als privé

– een zinvolle bijdrage wil leveren aan een betere wereld.

Regardless of whether you are a leader, lawmaker, entrepreneur, manager, professional, associate, student, parent, family member, teenager or an adult.

What to expect?

This book will take you straight to the source of all your choices and behaviors. It will give you accessible insights, inspiring examples and exercises that you’ll be able to apply immediately, and see results of quickly. You will gain insight into the three forces that determine each and every one of your choices, behaviors and personal leadership: ego, soul and consciousness (spirit).

The following questions will be answered: What is ego anyway? Should you jettison your ego? What are the benefits of ego, and what are its pitfalls? Or, what is the soul? Is there a reason for our existence? What are the five existential tasks the soul has to tackle? What are the pros and cons of working and living from inspiration? And, what is spirit or consciousness? How can you utilize it more to have smoother relationships in private and at work and to create more peace for yourself and others around you? In the last section of the book you will see how you can make a real contribution towards a better world.

Martin Thoolen

My 30 years of professional experience as an awareness coach, clinical and organisational psychologist has enabled me to help thousands of clients in Personal or Collective Leadership. Both groups and individuals, in coaching sessions, training courses, leadership development and organisation development programs, retreats and seminars.
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